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late Aaron Spelling is known for introducing a generation of teenagers to primetime classics such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place, as well as a long list of other hit shows and high-grossing films over the years. His house just outside of Los Angeles, California, “The Manor,” is considered one of the 10 most expensive properties in the world.

This is an insane amount of money, and it also leaves him in sole possession of the title of the richest man in Asia. What does a man with much money do? What else; he built a house with an estimated price tag of $ 2 billion. Antilla, Ambani’s original idea, should be completed later this year (2009).

The Manor contains over 56,000 square feet of floor space, making it the largest single-family (home) house in all of Hollywood. Although it is based only on six acres of land, the house is easily stand out among all other large and robust housing Hollywood.

The Manor has 123 rooms, and to give an idea of ??the size of the inside of the house is, the spelling is himself famous quote as saying: “I’m still trying to find the bathroom, “after months of living in the house. the large size of the house even created some controversy. because of its proximity to a nearby golf course, the Manor appears some as an eyesore. However, spelling has always insisted it was simple jealousy.

the higher you go in Antilla, more at home, you will feel. the first six floors of the complex are used for parking cars of the Ambani family, and on the seventh floor is dedicated to the maintenance of these cars with a mechanical shop, car wash, and more. Immediately above the eighth floor, the “living” actually begins with a huge 50 cinema seats and a roof garden with large balconies.

The Manor is larger than the Taj Mahal, and about the size of a football field. The house also contains a reconstruction of the left bank of the Seine inside, making completely unique to any other “mega house.”

Going up another floor there is the tenth and eleventh floors are dedicated to good health. These stages include a fitness center, swimming pools and other sports facilities. The next series of stages includes two floors of guest apartments that are fully adorned with huge kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, a balcony, and more. Finally, the next four floors of the building will be where the Ambani to live. This is where the luxury of the building that really know. priceless works of art, marble, granite, gold and all other high class of materials invented was used to make these four stages as extravagant as they could be.

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