The Garden Bench – An Invitation

There is little more welcoming in your garden that a kind of seating that invites your guest to sit back, relax and enjoy. A simple garden bench or two does exactly that.

You can find garden benches across the spring and summer. Your dearest benches are usually found in specialist shops garden. If your wallet can afford a cheaper garden bench, check discount stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart or Bimart. No doubt you can find a bed you want for less than $ 30

garden benches are available in all sorts of sizes and materials. Wood, metal, vinyl, and concrete are the most popular materials used. If you decide on a wooden bench or metal, be aware of future maintenance involved. Mainly, scraping and painting every year or so. White vinyl benches are a good choice provided you store out of time during the winter. While colored vinyl benches tend to disappear when placed in a sunny spot in your garden.

The most carefree garden bench is unpainted concrete. However, as with anything that spends most of its life in the outside, even concrete requires little maintenance. In this case, a rapid, annual washing pressure can be in order. Another thing to consider with a concrete garden bench is its weight. Depending on the size you choose, it may not be easy to move. With that thought in mind, consider carefully where you place it in your yard because it is likely to become permanent.

Whatever materials you choose, the placement of your garden bench (es) is of some importance. The bench is only an invitation to your guest to rest a while, but also offer something to concentrate on.

A bench placed near a garden fountain, for example, is ideal. Or place a few along a path that winds through the flower beds that bloom all season. Consider buying a globe watching and / or fountain. The feeders are another idea that most people like to watch a lot our feathered friends play nearby. Last but not least, hang a melodic wind chime in a nearby tree or hook Shepard for general restorative effect.

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