The demand for garden offices may be rising

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work habits are changing in the UK and many other countries worldwide. Traditional 9-5 office settings based on employment that have characterized for decades are gradually becoming less popular.

More and more, companies and individuals are turning to the benefits of more flexible arrangements. In some cases, this means that employees are allowed to choose their own hours or work from their home or garden office.

In fact, research conducted by 2e2 found that nearly two-thirds of office staff feel engaged by their work hours and want more flexibility. In addition, 55 percent admitted to be more productive when they work at home versus office.

Meanwhile, 73 percent said that the technology was an obstacle to work from home. These days, many houses, garden studios and so on are equipped with devices that allow people to communicate effectively with colleagues and get their roles freely.

For example, it is common. Garden offices to be equipped with telephones, computers and Internet connections

Commenting on the issue of homework, Director of 2e2 Mike Hockey said: “often, employers do not realize the impact of working culture on productivity. different people have different work habits and the 9-5 traditional way of working does not suit everyone “

He continued:”. It is clear that, often, employees would be more productive if they had flexible hours or could work from home. However, the culture of an organization can often say that it is impossible or if people do not work that way, they are considered lazy. “

According to the expert, the owners need to change this and to understand the operation of the house are not an advantage, and that improves productivity and efficiency that they care, not the number of hours that people are sitting behind their desks.

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