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Many of us are confused if we must plan to buy a LCD TV or not. We must take into account many factors such as clarity of the image, the screen size, cost and durability. We also believe that the new TV, we plan to buy is compatible with all the facilities we already have or not. Here we will talk about all these facts in detail.

Earlier we became aware of LCD technology through watches, cell phones and video camera screens. However, at this point of time, we did not know that fact that it is. An LCD is a combination of two panels of transparent material which are cemented.

On one of these two layers, a polymeric material is applied. As you provide electricity to these crystals, the light either pass through or become opaque. This is the basic operation of the LCD TV thanks to which we are able to see different images.

The difference between LCD and plasma TV is not readily apparent. They look quite similar, but use technology quite different. A plasma television is composed of cells that were injected with a gas called neon-xenon. When electricity is applied to the cell, red, green and blue phosphors are struck. Each is called a pixel and together they comprise the image.

Because of the similarity between LCD TVs and LCD computer, many people want their LCD TV to get integrated to a PC so they can also be used as a computer monitor . In many LCD TVs, you’ll find VGA input connections that allow you to do this kind of integration. People who are interested in playing games, prefer to go with larger screens like that enhance their enjoyment of the game.

The owners can use their old auxiliary devices such as VCRs with their LCD TVs . In such cases, you should buy an LCD TV that has standard AV connections.

Although LCD TVs have built-in speakers, many buyers prefer to integrate their TV with a home theater system to the best all around experience. Decide in advance where you want your new TV to purchase a stand or cabinet.

Since LCD TVs are thin so they take relatively less space than conventional TV or plasma. LCD TV also uses less power and produces the image with high quality. It is always a good option to go with LCD TV.

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