House Decorating Ideas: start with The Living Room

home decorating ideas
Moving to a new home and worried about its decoration? Do not be. Mentioned below are some mind blowing ideas that are not only stylish, they are stylish as well. These home decorating ideas will not only save you a lot of time wandering for the perfect theme, they will also help you reduce the color choices where the sky is the limit.

1. Green Apple With Tangerine Hues

Apple green on the walls with a slight tint of yellow lemon and tangerine hues can certainly make your home to stand out other. To mitigate this spicy combination, opt for conventional fireplace and hardwood floors.

2. Country-Inspired French Room

Back in the 18th century, Frenchs came with some of the most eye-catching designs that are living far popular among those seeking sophistication with a contemporary twist. To implement this chic and stylish theme, use different shades of red, turquoise blue and yellow mustard. To complete this topic Country French inspiration, place an antique coffee table (preferably French) in the center.

3. Choose sensually Pleasing Colors like blue and green

Hues of water ie green and blue can be used to give a touch of serenity to the room. A sofa with stripes and blue cushions on the chairs can give life to your room. To top it all, the use of plants and playful instead candles throughout the room.

4. Link To Your Living Library Mini

If you are one who lives in the world of books and are an integral part of your life, welcome this treasure in your living room and put it out there a part of the collection that you boast to inspire everyone. A large wooden door can lead to this “secret room” where books are housed on the shelves that go all the way to the ceiling.

5. Use your collection

Vintage collection is not something you put in a drawer and forget it. There is something to show and tell people how obsessive you are over a certain age. To place this rare collection, you can use the white color on the walls. Then place some remarkable pieces you have in different corners of the room and be prepared to tell the story behind everyone who asks.

All these living room decoration tips can transform your living room attractive and beautiful without spending too much.

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