A review of the Home and Garden Party Income Opportunity

Texas Home and Garden Show The company
Home and Garden Party was founded in 1996 and was entirely based on Christian principles. The company headquarters is in East Texas. Every day, nearly 7,000 orders are filled by over 300 employees. Steve Carlisle is the current CEO and president of the company, while his wife Penny Carlisle holds the title of president. The company sells a variety of different products in the comfort of your own home.

Their products range from home decorations and framed artwork, dishes and cookware, candles, pottery and more. Home and Garden Party currently has over 28,000 Independent Designers, located throughout the United States. In addition, the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

The company gives independent developers the opportunity to be their own boss. As an employee of the company, you have the ability to decide when and how you want to work. An employee can keep their current job and work for home and garden party for extra money. Or, if they wish, they can work for the company full-time.

If independent designers have families, they can easily work around the parts of the life of their host family, sports schedules, etc. With the schedule flexible working businesses, the number of hours worked is simply the employee. There is no experience necessary to become an employee. The company provides all the training you need to start. Another advantage with this company is that there are no quotas that must be met.

The company Home and Garden Party provides independent designers the opportunity to earn as much as 30-40% in commission and additional bonuses sponsorship. Consultants can also receive incentive trips and much more. If independent designers are pretty successful, they can also become owners of a PT Cruiser or Mercedes Benz that bonus incentives.
The company also offers organizations the opportunity to sell their products as fundraisers. Schools, churches and youth groups can all sell products and part of the proceeds are returned to the organizations.

The company’s owners went with the name of the house and Garden Party just to put a picture in your mind. They want you to imagine an informal meeting taking place in your home. independent designers appear interesting ideas and share ideas that will add interest and warmth to any home and while getting paid to throw a party.

Independent designers simply find a hostess, who will host the party in his house. Next, the designer will come and show a sample of currently marketed products. Customers can browse a colorful catalog and simply place an order by the hostess. As a hostess, you will receive a lot of incentives to enable the independent consultant to come into your home and share products.

What began as a vision has quickly become a major home business. People from all over the world learn how they make money from the comfort of their own home. With Home and Garden Party, Independent Designers are able to set their own hours, make some money, while at the same time enjoy what they do and make new friends.

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